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73 Gilmore Girls Icons

These icons have been sitting on my hardrive for around a month or more. I meant to post them earlier but I got lazy. Including different varations. TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES.

[73] Gilmore Girl Icons
-16 Lorelai/Luke
-20 Rory/Jess
-05 Rory/Logan
-02 Rory/Dean
-29 Rory and/or Lorelai
-01 Kirk

Is that all good deeds are?Collapse )
Tags: gilmore girls, icons
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These are very very good. I took a couple and will totally give credit. Thanks for posting this!
I took more than I wish to name, but I will credit when in use!
28 heh
took a shitload.
theyre beautiful<3.
i love these! i've never taken icons before, so i'm not really sure how this works. (this must seem really dumb, i know) do i just right click and save to a photobucket site or something like that? and where do i credit? ok, i feel like an idiot...
Aww thank you!

No you don't have to upload it on another sever, just save it on your computer and then go to Manage>>Userpics. And at the bottom of the page click browse, find it and then in comment please put By: disasteriffic or bashfulbounties and you're done!


12 years ago

i took #36 will credit
#28 and #04. Awesome job!
took 9 and 22. Nice work
snagging 2, 6 and 7. nomming #55 @ gg_awards
Very pretty! I like the colouring lots.
snagged 4, 8 and 64. Love the icons.
snagging and noming 64 @ gg_awards
Snagged loads and loads, great job and will credit.
Love 67 and am nominating it in gg_awards; also saved a bunch, either for nomination at a later date or use. Either way I will credit!
Snagged 41 and 67 will credit!

Thanks so much. =)
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