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Harry and Ginny Potterpuff Layout

Lily's trying to get all the requests done. Too many layouts so little time. Well here's another request filled

This layout features Harry and Ginny as requested by mystickiss24

Preview: or at magenticfluid

Style: Generator
Website: Required
Custom Colors: None
Default Icon: Hidden under Layout
Best view: 1024x768
Browser(s) Compatible: Internet Explorer and Firefox
Credit: bashfulbounties or disasteriffic and potterpuffs

Comment and Credit if Taking ^^ Thankies

Please DO NOT edit pictures without my permission

Please Host on your own sever


To put the layout up do the following steps:
1. Make sure you have a WEBSITE listed in your info
2. Change your settings to Style 1 or Old Style
3. Click the Modify Journal Page
4. Change all the page layout styles to Generaotr
5. In color theme choose "Custom Colors" and erase everything there
6. In the box that says "Overrides" insert the code above
8. Anywhere it says "USERNAME", insert your username
7. Press Save Changes

If you have any problems feel free to comment here ^^

Tags: harry potter, layouts, potterpuffs
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